Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Where is your shop located?
A: We are online store and we don't have physical one. We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Q: Are the gemstones natural?
A: Yes, almost all of the gems we offer are natural. If there is synthetic gemstone, it will be described as such.

Q: I want to buy this gemstone/specimen, but it says quantity:1.  When will you have more of that exact piece?
A: Almost all of the items we offer are unique and each picture represent the exact gemstone/mineral. Because of that, there will be no way to get exactly the same item. There are of course few exceptions, where we have bigger quantity. That is either for rough stones, where you buy bulk per weight, or for calibrated faceted stones, where the difference between each one is very small. And of course, if we have pairs, they will be sold as pairs.

Q: Are the stones certified? 
A: No, they are not. Certification in Sofia costs around 30BGN, which does not justify the stones, as they are not expensive, and not high-end. 

Q: Why the stone is smaller in real life?
A: Most of the images are macro photographs i.e. with great magnification. That allows our customers to see every inclusion and imperfection in the stone. Most of these inclusions are so small that they are either invisible or barely visible for the naked eye. Please check out the size of the stone in the description. All of our photos are taken in studio. 

Q: Do you ship outside of Bulgaria?
A: Yes, we offer worlwide shipping to almost any country in the World.

Q: What are the delivery options?
A: We use Bulgarian Post with provided tracking number.

Q: How long does it take to receive the item?
A: It depends on your destination, but for Europe it's around 1 week, and for US it takes around 13-16 business days. Please note that we can't do anything to speed the delivery, so please be patient. Also keep in mind that some holidays may affect the delivery!